Citizens Advice Scotland (in partnership with the Scottish Flood Forum) has commissioned BMG Research to explore the extent of community involvement in flood prevention schemes and what works well when public bodies engage with local communities.

The National Flood Risk Assessment suggests that approximately one in 22 residential properties and one in 13 non-residential or business properties in Scotland alone are at risk of flooding. To help reduce the likelihood and impact of future flooding this research will help to inform best practice for key stakeholders when engaging with local communities to develop flood risk management strategies and local flood risk management plans.

The research team will be working with public bodies (including Scottish Water and local authorities) and Community Flood Groups to explore:

  • How communities have been engaged during the design and implementation of flood prevention schemes.
  • How effective communities believe the public bodies’ approach to engagement was, and what it achieved.
  • The degree to which community engagement influenced the design and delivery of the flood prevention scheme.
  • The degree to which the ‘flood management journey’ for community members and engagement between communities and public bodies has resulted in a more resilient community.
  • Whether community involvement has improved the resilience of communities against future risks of flooding.
  • How effective and impactful the support from public bodies has been to help communities understand how to prepare for floods and the realities of flood risks.

A final report will be produced in March 2016 which will include standalone best practice case studies as well as discussion and conclusions following analysis of key themes emerging across all the areas consulted.

For more information about this research please contact Elizabeth Davies, Research Director or Babita Aytain, Senior Qualitative Researcher on 0121 333 6006

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