This report sets out the findings of a comprehensive evaluation of the programme during its first year of operation.  

Research paper number 157, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

BMG Research and the Institute for Employment Studies

From 2012 to 2014, BMG Research is undertaking an evaluation of the current Apprenticeship Grant for Employers programme (AGE) on behalf of BIS and the National Apprenticeship Service, in partnership with the Institute for Employment Studies.  This programme offers a subsidy to employers of £1,500 for each young Apprentice they recruit providing that the employer has not had an Apprentice before (or, at least, not within the last 12 months).  The study involves both quantitative and qualitative research and econometric impact analysis.  The report from the first year has been published, and the evaluation is on-going through 2014.

Overall, the evaluation to date has been instrumental in BIS decisions to reform programme delivery and eligibility conditions in various ways, in decisions about the future of the programme, and has contributed to general Apprenticeship policy in the medium-term future.

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