It has become increasingly evident over recent years that an engaged workforce can have an indisputable impact on the performance of an organisation. Each employee within an organisation has the ability and potential to have an impact in their organisation, therefore ensuring that employees are placed in a working environment that encourages willingness to maximise that potential is crucial in helping an organisation improve its performance and achieve its goals.

In the second of BMG Research’s releases from their 2016 Omnibus Survey[1] of employees across the UK, we explore the impacts an engaged workforce can have on an organisation and factors that drive engagement.  Our evidence shows that staff who feel valued, who feel that there is an open and honest culture at their organisation, who believe they have a positive future ahead of them with their employer and who have trust in senior leadership are far more likely to be defined as engaged than those who do not.

[1] Conducted amongst a nationally representative sample of 750 employees.



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