An exclusive BMG Research Poll commissioned by the Electoral Reform Society found that 16% of people say that they still haven’t been contacted at all by either campaign in the EU referendum.

The results revealed that although 72% say that they have received a leaflet, the ground campaign has been far less comprehensive, with only 3% indicating that they have received a phone call from either the Leave or Remain campaign and just 2% saying that they have had a visit to their home.

The Electoral Reform Society has suggested that the debate has been a ‘top-down, Westminster-dominated affair’ that is failing to reach voters or creating a genuine dialogue, following results from last month’s data in the tracker series which revealed that just 22% of people feel well-informed about the referendum.

Given that so many respondents have suggested that they feel poorly-informed about the EU referendum with just days to go, the Electoral Reform Society are urging voters to use a new online ‘toolkit’ featuring both official campaigns and experts, A Better Referendum [3], to help inform groups of voters ahead of the 23rd. The Electoral Reform Society are calling for a lively grassroots debate on the ‘politics, rather than the party spats’, for the final days of the campaign to replace what has so far been ‘negative and personality-dominated debate’.

Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said: “That one in six people have had zero contact about the referendum – with just a few days to go – is a stark sign that, outside of Westminster, this conversation clearly isn’t reaching everyone.

“While the vast majority of people have received a leaflet, just a tiny fraction of people have had any in-person discussion or dialogue when it comes to contact about the referendum. For the public, the campaigns appear to have been confined to the airwaves and mail-drops rather than real engagement or informed debate.

“For this to be a truly national conversation and a decisive result, everyone needs to have had some contact about the referendum, and the campaigns should leave no stone unturned in this last few days to get the message out there to where they haven’t yet reached.

“Voters need the arguments from both sides, as well as impartial information from the experts, which is why we’ve launched A Better Referendum – our online toolkit featuring both official campaigns as well as independent academics. We’ve got the facts in one place so that voters can educate themselves ahead of Thursday. If the campaigns aren’t doing it, voters will have to do it themselves.”


A press release based on these polling results, released by the Electoral Reform Society, can be found here.

Data tables containing a breakdown of these results can be found here.

Fieldwork information and methodology can be found here.

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  • How well informed voters feel
  • How voters perceive the ‘big beasts’ of the debate – whether the main politicians have changed voters’ minds
  • The most trusted sources of information for voters about the referendum
  • How positive/negative voters view each of the campaigns
  • How voters perceive different interest groups donating to the campaigns


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