Data Security

We give your data the security it requires and deserves

If you’ve stumbled on this page looking for security or privacy on your personal data, then please click here to view our Data Privacy section.

Data Data Data …

At BMG this is what we live and breathe, we work with your data to collect more data and build more valuable data. We are constantly doing our best trying to exceed the industry standard to justify your trust.

World-class hybrid data centers

Our server infrastructure is a hybrid environment synchronizing between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace (EU & UK based) together with our On-premise high performance storage which sit behind multi-layered firewalls in HA mode.
This provides the necessary means to operate 24/7 and protect data from physical damage and any network issues.

Data Encryption

When you work with us, you should have peace of mind storing and sharing your data with us. SSL technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption in transit. We use TLS with up to 256 AES encryption as supported by the client.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

No matter what happens, your data will stay safe. Even if it was accidentally deleted, we always have a way back (up until 90 days) unless there is a specific request or for conformity to entirely remove data, in this case it would have to be gone forever.
Our backups are encrypted at rest and cryptically versioned, these are auto-detached from any network access until they are required to be updated at the next iteration. This means your data is also further protected from any Zero Day or Zero Hour attacks!


Rest easy knowing we’re fully certified and hold numerous key certifications.