Not surprisingly, given the nature of our work, we take our responsibility to our environment and society at large very seriously. We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can and we look to make a positive contribution to the areas in which we work.

Supporting the Not for Profit Sector

We encourage staff to nominate charities which we support in various ways across the business.  However, we have a long term relationship with a charity supporting a cause very close to our hearts:  youth homelessness.  Several years ago, we adopted St Basils as the charity for which most of our fundraising activities are undertaken. They are a Birmingham-based organisation working across the city and the West Midlands with young people who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

In addition to regular fund raising days at our offices, we also take part in a wide range of sponsored events throughout the year to raise money for St Basils.

For more information on St Basils please visit their web site at:

Reducing our impact on the environment

We are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint by:

  • Placing recycling points across the offices for a range of recyclable materials
  • Reducing the need to print documents through enhanced electronic document management
  • Raising awareness amongst staff to switch off electrical and electronic equipment when not in use
  • Switching to more fuel efficient vehicles for our field interviewer and research teams
  • Encouraging the use of public transport for all journeys to and from work through the provision of a public transport loan scheme
  • Using public transport for business travel as much as possible

In addition, our Environmental Policy outlines other initiatives to ensure we continue our commitment to the environment, including:

  • Promoting environmental management policies and practices at every level and in every department
  • Increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff
  • Minimising waste pollution and operating environmentally sound waste management procedures
  • Promoting a purchasing policy which gives preference, as far as practicable, to those products and services which cause least harm to the environment
  • Buying green energy
  • Minimising the use of paper and other materials by implementing more efficient ways of working

Capacity Building in communities

We believe that a hand up is better than a handout.  So, for several years now we have sought to recruit and train local people from the communities in which we work to become professional market research interviewers.  We recruit people and train them in research practices and interviewing techniques:  skills which offer long term employability.

We believe our responsibilities are led by Our Values and tied into What We Do as a company. See Who We Are and Who We Work For to learn more.