Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread across the UK and the world, and as stronger measures are put into place by government, we at BMG remain focused on ensuring the safety of our people, clients, partners, and suppliers, whilst maintaining business continuity during this challenging time.

We wish to reassure you that we are taking every step possible and to outline how we are tackling the issue:


Our People

We are taking all sensible precautions to keep our employees as healthy as possible. Our teams are equipped with laptops and our IT infrastructure has enabled us to switch to flexible and home-working. Other measures we have deployed include minimising travel, encouraging virtual meetings and enhancing cleaning in offices. As the situation continues, members of our teams will inevitably need to self-isolate. However we are ensuring clear documentation and records across our projects and increasing the breadth of our project teams to ensure continuity of service and minimise disruption.

Please let us know if you or your organisation would prefer us to work in a certain way during this time so we can continue to meet your needs.


Our Operations

Our online operations are currently unaffected by the situation due to the ability of our teams to work from home, and proactive action taken by our panel partners.

Our CATI work also continues without disruption. Over the past few weeks we have successfully trialled CATI-from-home in preparation for this and will move more of our CATI work to this approach to reduce the need for people to travel and be in office environments whilst maintaining our service.

Face-to-face operations are facing an industry-wide challenge as we all seek to protect our interviewers, and participants from harm and prevent research spreading Coronavirus. It is likely that all face to face fieldwork will be suspended from Friday 20th March until further notice.


Our events

We will not be convening non-essential client or internal events whilst there is concern about the transmission of the Coronavirus. We will continue to share news and our thought leadership with you via our website, LinkedIn and twitter.


We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy at this time.


Dawn Hands

Managing Director