On the 19th March BMG Research took part in an excellent event sponsored by the CIPD titled The Business Case for a Highly Productive Culture.

In a wide-ranging session, discussions covered:

  • How best to recognise the characteristics of an organisation’s culture and how to deliver improvements;
  • The ever more critical importance of productive and engaging cultures for staff recruitment and retention, in an era of low unemployment;
  • Workplace culture as a means of increasing workplace productivity which is recognised as being relatively low in the UK. The interaction of technology, process and culture was seen as the sweet-spot for enhancing productivity;
  • The workplace expectations of millennials and their emphasis on experience and how both recruitment and ways of working need to reflect this.

A thought-provoking discussion was also held around the evolving nature of employee engagement measurement. A representative of the Hult Business School presented the proposition that employee engagement should be examined at the team level, rather than just at the individual and organisation level. Given that in modern work practices it is more commonplace for teams to be self-directed, with more autonomy and responsibility, this was a particularly interesting concept.

The research underpinning this thinking can be found here:


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