A BMG Poll of 1518 UK adults shows that Hilary Clinton would be the Great British public’s favourite in race to become leader of the free world.

 Hilary Clinton Hilary Clinton
  This ear of corn
 Tom Hanks without a moustache Tom Hanks without a moustache
 Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders
 Donald Trump Donald Trump
 Samantha from Sex & the City Samantha from Sex & the City
 Tom Hanks with a moustache Tom Hanks with a moustache
 Frank Underwood Frank Underwood
 Ted Cruz Ted Cruz


Clinton beat off stiff competition from her rivals Donald Trump, Bernie Saunders, Ted Cruz, Ear of Corn, Frank Underwood, Tom Hanks with a Moustache, Tom Hanks without a Moustache and of course Samantha off of Sex & the City

Interestingly Ukippers rated Trump the highest with 27% selecting the “billionaire big mouth” as their most fave. Ear of Corn came in a close second for kippers with 22% selecting the genderless grass for president.

For both men and women Hilary was a clear favourite, with a third of Britons (33%) saying that they would vote for the former First Lady. However, for women Ear of Corn was pipped to second place by Tom Hanks without a moustache in what can only be described as a clear statement of support for the rug-less upper-lipped American treasure.

Unfortunately Tom Hanks with a moustache didn’t quite cut-it with Britons, putting in a dismal performance with both men and women as just one in twenty Britons (5%) voted for him.

Readers can interrogate the data for themselves by toggling with the drop-down menu in the chart below.

Samantha off of Sex & the City will be disappointed with her performance; just 6% of voters say she’s the woman for the job. Though the ‘promiscuous princess’ was quite popular among women and young people (8% Women, 4% Men, 9% 18-24s, 10% 25-34s) it seems as though she was unable to notch-up enough support among older people and right-wingers.

For those that don’t tend to vote at UK elections it seems that, for them, the candidate best qualified to lead the most powerful country on earth was Ear of Corn with 34% supporting America’s favourite grain.

Though this presidential line-up isn’t real, these polling results are – So if you’re interested you can find a full breakdown of the data here.

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