An exclusive BMG poll commissioned by the Evening Standard reveals the public think David Cameron must resign if we vote to leave the European Union.

The results reveal almost one in four believe David Cameron should resign immediately as Prime Minister if Britain were to vote to leave the EU (39%), with a further 19% saying he should resign within a year. However, just under a third of the public believe Cameron should serve his full second term even if we vote to leave the EU while one in ten think he should stay on for at least another two years (10%).

A closer look at the data reveals over half of Conservative supporters would like Cameron to stay on and serve his full second term (53%) with a further 20% saying he should stay for at least another two years. However, just 21% of Labour supporters and 17% of UKIP supporters are in favour of Cameron serving his full second term if we vote to leave the EU.

Unsurprisingly, almost two thirds of those who say they will vote leave in the upcoming referendum believe Cameron should resign if we vote leave (47% immediately, 20% within a year).

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The poll also revealed if Cameron were to stand down, or was forced out shortly after the referendum, 35% of the public would most prefer Boris Johnson to succeed him, followed by Theresa May (19%). Smaller proportions opted for George Osborne (8%), Michael Gove (7%) and Sajid Javid (5%). Over one in ten selected ‘another Tory MP’ (12%).

BMG Research Director, Dr Michael Turner, said “The former Mayor of London is the most preferred candidate to succeed Mr Cameron among Conservatives, among Labour supporters, among Lib Dems, among Ukip followers and even among the undecided. None of the other Cabinet members listed, including Chancellor George Osborne and Mr Gove, made it into double figures among voters generally.”

An article based on these polling results, released by the Evening Standard, can be found here

Data tables containing a breakdown of the results can be found here.

Fieldwork information and methodology can be found here.

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