Whilst the day has finally come to trigger Article 50, there are increasing questions over what Brexit really means and how it will impact on our people, our businesses and our economy.

Peter Cheese (CEO of the CIPD) says, “Now more than ever, we need Government and businesses to put people and skills development at the heart of their thinking.”

In light of recent Government activity, we took the opportunity to explore the mood of the country’s workforce towards Brexit and the potential impact they feel it might have on their future career prospects. Using the BMG Research Omnibus*, we found that whilst the largest proportion of employees feel that Brexit would have no impact on their career prospects (48%), a larger proportion feel it would have a negative impact (21%) than a positive impact (13%). There is increased concern, however, amongst people who plan to move jobs in 2017, with 28% predicting a negative impact on their prospects.

It is only when we start to segment the UK’s workforce that we see the real divide in opinion, particularly in the variations by age that have been so widely documented already in Brexit discussions. As high as 39% of employees aged 18 to 24 feel Brexit will have a negative impact on their career prospects, which compares to just 8% aged 55 to 64.

*The BMG GB Omnibus is a nationally representative online survey conducted with more than 1,000 British residents in employment.

Jenna Allen (Research Director – Employee Engagement)

0121 333 6006


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