BMGs most recent poll for The Independent finds that Britons are equally dissatisfied with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Net satisfaction scores for leaders of both Britain’s main political parties show them level-pegging on a dismal -30, equalling the all-time low for combined satisfaction scores for both leadrers.

The exclusive survey on behalf of the Independent, conducted between the 5thand 7thof September, also finds that the percentage of people who would neither May nor Corbyn as preferred Prime Minister, has continued to increase.

Theresa May will take little comfort from the fact her net satisfaction score has recovered to equal Corbyn, with a very slight rise of just 2 points. Likewise, Jeremy Corbyn may not be pleased, as another month of negative press over the Labour party’s anti-Semitism allegations may have seen his net satisfaction score drop by 2 points.

The last time the two leaders were level in the polls was back in May of this year. However, they were both on -17 at the time.

Respondents were also asked who they would prefer to see as the next Prime Minister, and asked to choose between May, Corbyn or Neither. The proportion opting for Theresa May remains unchanged on August, at just 26%, whilst Jeremy Corbyn has seen a very small drop, by just 1 point on last month, to 25%.

This is an all-time low for the proportion of people choosing either leader as their preferred Prime Minister (51%) in total.

For the sixth month in a row, the most popular answer was neither May nor Corbyn. The proportion of Britons selecting Neither has increased by a further 2% to almost two in five people (39%).

The percentage of respondents who said that they did not know remained unchanged at 10%.

Readers should note that all changes reported are within the margin of error, but the long-term trend appears conclusive.

Figures may not sum to 100% due to rounding,


Although there have been relatively small changes since August, going into party conference season, it is clear that both leaders should be concerned. May and Corbyn continue to flounder. In August we wrote that May and Corbyn’s fate may already be set in motion, and questioned whether this year’s party conference will be their last.

This month’s polling results support that notion, and suggest that both leaders still have it all to do if they wish to begin any sort of recovery. However, historical polling results suggest that outside election periods it fairly difficult for leaders to change the direction of sinking public satisfaction scores, particularly as both May and Corbyn lack the level of polished and competent delivery that their predecessors used to practically flaunt at conferences.

Given these dire results, expect to see a disproportionate level of attention to be paid to the leaders’ speeches in Liverpool and Birmingham later this month, although it’s entirely not clear that anyone is really listening outside Westminster at the moment. It seems that most people have made up their minds, so Labour and Tory conferences are likely to follow last year and be awkward affairs, with the intensity ramped up yet again, May and Corbyn performing for their political careers and journalists dropping banana skins everywhere.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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