BMG Research’s most recent leader satisfaction polls, for May and June 2018, see the satisfaction levels of Theresa May drop, whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s remains fairly consistent.

The exclusive surveys on behalf of the Independent, conducted between the 1st and 4th May and 5th and 8th June, also finds that the British public’s preferred Prime Minister is neither May nor Corbyn.

In the early part of 2018, the Prime Minister had witnessed a gradual improvement in her net satisfaction score, with a score of -25% in December 2017 rising to a score of -8% by April 2018. However, through May and June her popularity has dropped back by 15 points to -23%.

By comparison, Jeremy Corbyn’s net satisfaction has remained relatively consistent throughout the past few months. After achieving a score of -16% in April, he has seen a slight drop to -17% in May and -18% in June, although these charges are well within the margin of error. In May, the survey showed May and Corbyn were level in terms of satisfaction, but by June, Corbyn has established a slim lead of 5%. Regardless, both leader’s satisfaction scores are negative and the trend of the past two months suggests that these scores will continue to decrease.

Respondents were also asked who they would prefer to see as the next Prime Minister out of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Neither leader has seen a significant change in this score over the past two months. Theresa May’s score dropped slightly, from 31% in April to 30% in May and 29% in June. Jeremy Corbyn’s has recovered from a dip in April of 25% to 28% in both May and June.

The most popular answer given was neither (32%), suggesting voters are not convinced by either leader. A further 12% of participants answered don’t know, the largest amount since January of this year.

Readers should note that all changes are within the margin of error.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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