BMG’s most recent leader satisfaction polls has seen Theresa May’s popularity begin to rebound after 3 straight months of decline, whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s satisfaction scores continue a steady downward trend.

In April, Theresa May’s net satisfaction score declined by 16 percentage points from -30% in March to -46%. Her score continued to decline in May to -48%, her lowest score since BMG started tracking leader satisfaction in November 2016. However, following the announcement of her resignation on 24th May 2019, her satisfaction score increased by 11 percentage points to -37%. April and May saw Jeremy Corbyn’s net satisfaction score stay the same on -41%. However, June’s poll shows Corbyn’s popularity drop to a record -44%. This is the 7th month that Corbyn’s net satisfaction has either remained the same or declined.


Respondents were also asked who they would prefer, between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, to be the next Prime Minister. Both leader’s have seen their scores drop below 20% whilst the proportion selecting neither has increased further.

The proportion of Brits choosing Theresa May as their preferred Prime Minister decreased by 7 percentage points in April to just 21%. This declined further in May (20%) and June, leaving her on 18%. Jeremy Corbyn’s score has only changed marginally, from 20% in March to 18% in June. This is the lowest proportion for either leader since BMG’s preferred Prime Minister tracker began.

The proportion of respondents choosing neither leader has increased to new highs. In April’s poll, the proportion choosing neither option increased by 9 percentage points to exactly half of respondents (50%). In following months this trend continued, with 51% selecting this in May and 55% in June. A further 8% said that they don’t know.

Commenting on the results, Robert Struthers, Head of Polling at BMG Research, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn has now witnessed two Conservative Prime Ministers pack their bags in his time as Leader of the Opposition. However, as Theresa May prepares to depart from Downing Street, Corbyn’s personal ratings show no signs of a revival.

In a two horse race – a straight choice between Corbyn and May – it is striking that a third horse in the form of neither leader is the clear runaway leader, now the choice of a majority. More concerning still for Corbyn is that as many Britons choose the ousted Theresa May as their preferred choice for PM as do the Labour leader.”

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

Tables for BMG’s polling about public perceptions of Conservative leadership candidates reported in the Independent article can also be accessed here.

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