Quality Assurance

Commitment to quality

Quality defines everything about our work, not just compliance with proper procedure, but in our unwavering focus on engaging with client needs and making sure these are reflected in all that we do.

We believe that the success of any organisation is driven by the ability to continually improve both the services that are delivered and the working practices under which the organisation operates.

Our Quality Management System

We developed our Quality Management System to ensure that we have a set of clearly communicated standards and practices under which we all work, all of the time. These standards and practices permeate every aspect of our business and are part of its DNA – they ensure we are among the best in class in what we do. Read our Quality policy here.

Continual improvement

Our Quality System is predicated on delivering continual improvement. The world in which we operate does not stand still, and therefore neither can we.  Our systems and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that we go beyond what is required to achieve certification to numerous ISO standards.  We are externally audited on at least an annual basis to ensure that we are all performing to the taxing standards we have set ourselves.  We do this to ensure that we deliver the best quality research and insights to our clients and they can have 100% confidence in what we do.

Quality registration

We are a Market Research Society Company Partner, comply fully with the MRS Code of Conduct and adhere to other industry codes which help to reassure the general public, our clients and other interested parties that our research is carried out in a professional and ethical manner.

We hold the following registrations:

Read our Information Security Policy here.

Read our Market Research Statement of Applicability here.

Each one of us believes passionately in the quality of our work. It is what allows us to provide the excellent research insights that our clients use to deliver what their customers need and want, driving their competitive edge and value-added.

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