BMG have recently completed the first wave of fieldwork for the biannual Business Confidence Survey of the disability services sector in Australia, on behalf of National Disability Services (NDS), the peak body for non-government providers. Reporting on wave one is underway, and wave two of the survey is scheduled for October 2014.

The disability support sector in Australia is facing unprecedented change due to a number of major policy shifts. Additional government investment will attract new entrants including for-profit providers and change the disability support market which is currently comprised of predominantly not-for-profit organisations. Substantial change to the funding and service delivery model, including transition to a more competitive environment, will severely challenge some disability service organisations.

NDS is seeking to measure and track the confidence of disability service organisations in order to understand how the sector is faring and managing change in this context. The Survey will give CEOs an opportunity to identify factors that help and constrain them from adapting to the new environment.

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