BMG Research has undertaken exclusive polling for The i newspaper. The polling for July covered topics including climate change and views on the environmental protest group, Just Stop Oil.

  • Nearly all adults (84%) believe that human activity makes some contribution towards climate change including 56% who think it makes a major contribution
  • Three quarters (75%) are concerned about the impact of climate change, with 18-24 year olds particularly concerned (82%).
  • 71% think hat the extreme heat in Southern Europe is connected to man-made climate change and rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • 82% have heard of the environmental campaign group ‘Just Stop Oil’.
  • In spite of the concerns about climate change, three fifths (60%) are opposed to Just Stop Oil’s tactics of road blocking and disruption of events.
  • Opposition to Just Stop Oil is greater than support among all age groups, but is particularly high among older groups, including 55-64 year olds (69%) and those 65+ (79%).
  • Associating Just Stop Oil with ending fossil fuel licenses did not have an impact on support or opposition of new fossil fuel licenses. Survey participants were asked if they opposed or supported new fossil fuel developments, with half of participants reminded of Just Stop Oil’s opposition to these developments beforehand. A third (34%) who were prompted with Just Stop Oil’s opposition beforehand still opposed licenses for new fossil fuel development, while 25% supported the licenses. Among those unprompted, opposition (33%) and support (25%) of new licenses were at similar levels.

“Just Stop Oil has certainly made an impression. Around 4 and 5 of us have heard about them, quite a feat for an organisation that only formed slightly over a year ago. I’m sure Just Stop Oil would point to this as the most telling statistic in our poll. And they do have a point; their disruptive tactics have undoubtedly attracted more coverage than a more conventional campaign strategy would have done.

What’s more, the public is also broadly sympathetic to Just Stop Oil’s cause. There is now a strong public consensus that humans are contributing to climate change, an issue that most voters are concerned about. And on the central plan of Just Stop Oil’s campaign – halting all future licensing for the exploration and production of fossil fuels in the UK – more support this policy than oppose it.

But there is still good reason to question the effectiveness of their activities. For the vast majority of Britons, straying into territory where campaigners are breaking the law and disrupting the lives of others is simply a step too far. This is unsurprising, with coverage of Just Stop Oil often focussed on the rising anger and frustration of motorists or sporting spectators rather than rising global temperatures.

And opposition to their activities comes from across society. As you might expect, many older people and Conservative voters are not fans of their tactics. However, opposition also comes from across the political spectrum and includes large numbers of young people and Labour supporters.”

An article by The i on Just Stop Oil can be found here

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here

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