Each year Dunedin Canmore Housing Limited (Dunedin Canmore), part of the Wheatley Group, consider the rent they charge their customers and look at balancing the need to keep rents affordable for their customers, while continuing to cover the costs of running services and making their homes and communities good places to live.

As part of this process, in late 2014 BMG Research were commissioned to manage Dunedin Canmore’s 2015-16 rent increase consultation survey. This involved speaking to a sample of around 500 of Dunedin Canmore’s customers, both tenants and shared owners, about their perceptions of the rent they pay and whether they think that the proposed rent increase was reasonable and affordable. In addition to this, the survey sought to understand the importance to customers of modernising and improving existing housing stock without cutting back on any existing services.

Following successful completion of the 2015 consultation, Dunedin Canmore requested that BMG also managed the survey for the 2016-17 consultation. Similarly to the previous survey, this involved speaking to approximately 500 Dunedin Canmore customers. Insights were collected during December 2015 using computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) using BMG’s in-house, experienced and professional telephone research staff. Following completion of data collection, the results were weighted by tenure and by location, with full results to be provided to Dunedin Canmore in the form of a written report and presentation slides.

Dunedin Canmore’s Board will use the insights collected through the survey to help reach a decision on the rent and occupancy charges they will impose for 2016-17.

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