In November 2015, Birmingham City Council commissioned BMG Research to design and manage a quantitative public consultation to inform the production of a new Waste Strategy for the city.

As Birmingham City Council begin to plan what the future of waste should look like in the city, the views of the public were sought on a number of issues including:

  • Knowledge of and use of the existing recycling services Birmingham City Council offer;
  • Recycling behaviours and the likelihood of residents expanding the types of materials they recycle in the future;
  • Barriers that inhibit recycling activity and the reduction of the amount of waste households produce;
  • Reactions to possible new initiatives that could be rolled out in Birmingham to reduce waste and enhance recycling levels.

Using an online method of data collection, in December 2015 and January 2016, BMG Research gathered views from 1,426 residents which has enabled Birmingham City Council to develop the main principles within their strategy based on the general consensus of residents.

BMG Research’s findings report can be found here:

Birmingham City Council’s future waste to resource strategy which is currently being consulted on can be found here:

For more information about this research please contact Jack Harper, Research Manager,

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