The annual public health conference organised by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Public Health was held on Thursday 9th March.

At this event, representatives of Coventry City Council presented a summary of their sustained efforts to reduce health inequalities within the city. The transfer of public health services to local authorities in April 2013 provided Coventry with an opportunity to broaden the ownership of the health inequalities agenda. Coventry committed to delivering rapid change in health inequalities by 2015 and was one of seven cities in the UK invited to participate in the UK Marmot Network and become a Marmot City.

The conference session summarised the diverse and innovative approaches used to improve health outcomes in the city that range from the local fire service running home safety checks, engaging with those people that are most at risk, through to new cycling infrastructure and changes to Council procurement processes to place health and employment opportunities more centrally within purchasing decisions.

More detail of this exemplar activity can be found here.

BMG Research is delighted to have played a supporting part in these efforts through the completion of a ‘Life in Coventry Survey’ during 2016. This follows on from the Coventry Household Survey conducted by BMG in 2013.

The 2016 survey explored resident views of their neighbourhood, of the Council, of their health and well-being, and their employment and economic situation, tracking progress against 2013. A total of 2,573 interviews were completed face to face at randomly sampled residential addresses, with BMG providing analysis of trends and key variations on topics such as wellbeing, smoking, drinking and diet.

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