A poll by BMG Research has revealed that more than a third of Britons (34%) think the EU will not exist as a political union in 25 years time.

With Europe day just around the corner, we asked the general public what they thought the state of the EU would be in 25 years time.

The survey, which took place nearly a year after the UK voted to leave the union, found that half (52%) of Leavers and more than one fifth (22%) of Remainers felt this to be the likely fate of the EU.

Overall, three in five (61%) people think the EU will either not exist or will be much smaller and weaker than it is today – increasing to four-fifths of Leavers (80%). Just one-fifth (22%) of Remainers believed this to be the EU’s probable future.

Other interesting observations include the fact that just 4% of people think the EU will be the largest and most influential political union in the world in a quarter of a century – just 1% of Leavers and 7% of Remainers.

Meanwhile, only one in eight (16%) people said the EU would be larger and stronger than it is today – 6% of Leavers and one quarter (25%) of Remainers.

Overall, twice as many Remainers say that EU will be smaller, weaker or won’t exist in 25 years than think it will be larger, stronger and more influential than it is today.

Fieldwork dates, methodology and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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