BMG Research, a leading independent research consultancy, joins the Qualtrics Partner Network, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category. The partnership will help clients across the public and private sector truly understand customer and employee perceptions, beliefs, and intentions by identifying priorities for improving customer and employee experiences, embedding operational change to take action on their feedback, and evaluating the impact of operational changes.

BMG Research advises clients at all stages of the Customer Experience and Employee Experience journey:

  • Customer segmentations to deploy across the organisation.
  • Relationship measurement to identify how your customers feel about you, how that affects their behaviour and the key moments that determine the relationship.
  • Operational Experience Measurement to manage individual experiences through every interaction in real-time.
  • Customer Journey Mapping to identify the moments of truth and pain points to drive improved experiences and reduce ‘cost to serve’.
  • Mystery customer & operational delivery monitoring to ensure the experiences delivered meets that which you intended.

MD and co-founder, Dawn Hands says of the collaboration: “Customer-centric and Employee-centric organisations outperform their competition. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Qualtrics to help our clients decode data and in turn optimise customer and employee experiences for financial success.”

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