In the latter part of 2015 the team at BMG Research was commissioned to provide fresh employee engagement research within two organisations who last ran employee surveys with us 2013. In these new research waves we significantly refreshed the survey design to allow new analysis that reflects the latest models of employee engagement. In both instances the 2015 questionnaires were also aligned with the latest corporate objectives and values in order to deliver maximum value to each organisation.

For the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) we have provided a narrative report, which tracks the changes in employee satisfaction since the 2013 research. Further analysis is currently in progress to look at the differences across the Portfolio areas within the organisation and to really help dig deep into the results.

The research among Barnsley Council employees provided us with an exciting opportunity for collaboration in the analysis and reporting stage of the project. Our employee survey sat along the culmination of the Council’s latest Investors In People assessment and followed the roll out of a leadership development programme for middle managers. After BMG Research completed the initial analysis of the employee survey findings, our team met with the IIP assessors and the external organisation delivering the leadership programme to synthesize the feedback from each activity and to establish the level of continuity between these sources of insight.

Several common themes were found from each activity and these were cross referenced in the initial presentation of survey findings to the Council’s Senior Management Team that BMG led. Two weeks after this presentation the BMG team then acted as joint facilitators of a session among leading operational managers which discussed the results emerging from all three forms of employee feedback. This session included action planning to determine how results will be fed back at team level in order to deliver further improvements.

If you would like to discuss research among your employees please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team or myself. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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Amy Boland

Research Manager

BMG Research

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