BMG Research attended the Scottish CIPD conference on the 6th and 7th March, to showcase the BMG employee research offering and to take advantage of the HR workshops on offer, including the ‘Engage for Success’ workshop hosted by the National Staff Experience Manager for the NHS, Liz Reilly.

Engage for success (EFS) is a government backed task force, set up in order to raise awareness of the concept and theory behind employee engagement and deliver individuals and organisations with free resources and tools in order to implement engagement strategies across their workforce.

During their workshop at the CIPD conference, the Engage for Success representatives touched upon what employee engagement is and why it is important. In September 2012 EFS published a paper evidencing the link between employee engagement and organisational productivity, ( highlighting the role employee engagement has to play in organisational performance and giving weight to the argument that employee engagement should be a priority for all organisations.

The Engage for Success Workshop also touched upon the ‘four enablers of engagement’, developed through extensive research across multiple organisations. Employee engagement looks different for every organisation and for each function within an organisation, however there are a number of commonalities and the ‘four enablers of engagement’ offer a framework for these, to be used as a practical tool kit for organisations.

These enablers are offered as a way in which to assess and monitor employee engagement and in turn inform the development of employee engagement strategies.  These enablers are:

–          Strong strategic narrative;

–          Engaging managers;

–          Employee voice; and,

–          Integrity.

These enablers clearly align with the BMG Research LEVI employee engagement model (Leadership, Engaging Managers, Voice and Integrity), providing further validation of the BMG Employee Engagement research offering.

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