Amy Boland, who is part of the Employee Engagement team at BMG Research, attended the event for the first time last week.  “The event was a real insight” Amy commented, “it was a great place to meet people in the industry and find out the experiences and views of other professionals in relation to employee engagement”.

The motion was discussed at length amongst notable speakers such as; James Court-Smith of Stillae, Damian Welch, Global Engagement Director at Mars, John Smythe from Engage for Change, and Andrew Marritt from OrganizationView in Switzerland. Attendees were then invited to openly discuss the motion and give their thoughts on the topic in general.

The room came to a clear consensus that when employee surveys are done well, they can be a critical tool in measuring the state of an organisation. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the objectives of the research are clear at the beginning of the survey journey, and continue throughout its lifecycle.

If clear objectives are not present, then no one will know why the research is occurring in the first place!

The panel also felt that sometimes the results of these surveys tend to get lost once released into an organisation, perhaps filed away in a dusty cupboard and forgotten until it’s time to do it all over again next year. Engaging employees is a continual and ever evolving process. This means that senior staff members need to make sure the results are actually used in their decisions to make organisational changes, and to help create a more engaged workforce.

The discussions and debates, held over an informal breakfast, were really interesting and gave Amy and the BMG team real food for thought when thinking about implementing future employee surveys.

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