“We are thrilled to be working with ONR again following the success of the campaign in 2016. Over 90% of staff responded to the survey in 2016 – a record for BMG that is still standing – a feat we hope to repeat in 2017. We look forward to working with the team at ONR again this year to help them further understand their workforce and improve employee engagement.”

In early 2017, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) re-commissioned BMG Research to carry out two employee engagement surveys over a period of two years following the successful completion of the survey in 2016.

Exploring the results of the 2016 survey highlighted that the topics of communication, particularly between offices and team, as well as whether ONR’s culture and environment allows staff to speak up and feel that their views are taken seriously were areas of focus. Therefore to unpick these issues further, the employee engagement team at BMG will be working with ONR to build on last years’ questionnaire to ensure the survey in 2017 contains questions that are fit to understand these areas.

The survey is to be delivered primarily through an online approach to over 500 employees, with the majority receiving an electronic link to their work email accounts. In addition, a small number of hard copies will be made available for staff on maternity leave or long term sick.

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