BMG has recently conducted exclusive polling on behalf of the Independent.

Robert Struthers, Head of Polling at BMG Research, said:

Boris Johnson’s own personal ratings strengthened as the first wave of the pandemic hit the UK back in February and March of this year.

Now, as the second wave of the virus takes hold, it appears public trust has slipped away, with more respondents to our poll saying they distrust the Prime Minister than say they trust him when it comes to handling the pandemic. Worryingly for Boris Johnson, his opposite number, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, and indeed Nicola Sturgeon, receive better net trust scores than the Prime Minister on what is by far the biggest issue facing the country.

The collapse in trust will likely worry those working across Government, as the Prime Minister tries to reassure the public that the new measures introduced over the past week will be enough to halt the spread.

What is also stark is that the PM’s own Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, enjoys notably better ratings, with 44% saying they trust him and just 23% saying they distrust him. You might expect the trust ratings of the Chancellor and Prime Minister to be closely aligned given how closely they will be working together at the top of Government. However, this polling clearly shows that the public rate the Chancellor’s performance and ability to handle the virus effectively – up until now at least – much more highly.

However, as the second wave takes hold and economic support packages become more targeted and less generous, whether this trend continues is another matter entirely.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of results from the polling can be found here.

An article released by the Independent can be accessed here.

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