A BMG Research exclusive poll for The i shows that both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are on 29% with the general public around who they would like to be the Prime Minister, but Liz Truss is ahead with people who voted Conservative at the last general election and with those who voted to leave the European Union.

Both candidates are behind Labour leader Keir Starmer, who is the preferred candidate against them and Boris Johnson for the next Prime Minister.

The survey also found that Truss is seen as doing better on “understands the problems of people like me” (20% cf. 15% for Sunak), being “relatable” (21% cf. 17% for Sunak) and “in touch with the common person” (22% cf. 13%).

Elsewhere, the poll shows:

  • 34% of British people would be more willing to cut back on meat to cut emissions, compared to 21% who would be more willing to pay extra taxes to combat climate change.
  • Over half of Britons are more worried about climate change now, due to the recent record heatwave experienced in the UK.
  • 44% of Brits would be more willing to change the way they travel to reduce emissions following the recent extreme heat.

“The public is split right down the middle when it comes to which of the two Tory leadership contenders should succeed Johnson, with roughly three in 10 preferring each candidate as their next Prime Minister.“

The core Tory vote is clearly behind Truss who commands a good lead among those who voted Conservative at the last election, as well as those who voted to leave the EU.”

Additional details

An article by The i about the Conservative leadership election can be found here and about climate change attitudes here.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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