In light of David Cameron’s ongoing talks with EU officials about EU migration and access to benefits, BMG has polled the nation to get a better understanding of Briton’s views on many of the key areas that the Prime Minister wants changed as part of the UK’s renegotiated membership of the EU. Areas polled include; access to in-work benefits, social housing, and job-seeking benefits.

We asked the public what their views were about job-seeking arrangements for EU migrants. Most people felt that EU migrants should have a job arranged before arriving in the UK (41%), but this view is heavily dependent on the age of respondents, with younger people more in favour of a 6-month limit (18-24s – 36%), and older people much more strongly supportive of a job being pre-arranged.

Readers can interrogate the data for themselves by toggling with the drop-down menu in the chart below.

EU migrant job-seeking arrangements chart

BMG also polled Britons on their views about job-seeking benefits for EU migrants. BMG asked the public whether EU migrants should have access to these benefits immediately, after living in the UK for one year or more, after living in the UK for 4 years or more, or never.

Although the top-line results show most people feel EU migrants should never have access to UK in-work benefits (39%), there is a working majority of respondents who do believe that they should at some point (54%). Just 6% felt they should immediately, 15% after one year or more, 33% after 4 years of more, and just 7% said they didn’t know.

However, delving deeper into the data shows a much wider spectrum of views on the issue. Younger people are much more in favour of a one or a four year restriction before claiming (22% and 36% respectively), as are Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters. Conversely, UKIP supporters are much more strongly in favour of EU migrants claiming from the country where they previously lived.

Again, readers can interrogate the data for themselves by toggling with the drop-down menu in the chart below.

Those who think immigration and asylum are the most important issues facing society today are more likely to say EU job-seekers should never be able to claim job-seeking benefits with 59% indicating so.

The poll also reveals that some four in ten UK adults think EU migrants should have access to social housing in the UK after living in the UK for four years or more, whereas 32% say never. 21% say after one year or more or immediately (7% don’t know).

A full breakdown of these polling results can be found here.

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