BMG’s published EU Referendum voting intention figures for May show only a one percentage point gain for Remain, up to 44%, Leave are unchanged on 45% and those classified as undecided are down 1 percentage point to 12% (DK/PNTS).

Latest EU Referendum tracker from BMG Research:

45% (nc) – Leave

44% (+1) – Remain

12% (-1) – Undecided (DK/PNTS)

Note: Figures in brackets are changes on results from April

Readers can interrogate the data for themselves by toggling with the drop-down menu in the chart below.


The results continue to show a strong generational divide, with younger people, who have a very poor track record for turning out at elections and referendums, showing very strong levels of support for the UK remaining a member of the EU.

Six in ten of those aged 18-24 (61%) are in favour of remaining in the EU, compared to just 21% in favour of leaving (18% undecided). This is compared to around six in ten (61%) of those aged 65+, say that they will vote to leave the EU, compared to just one third (32%) who say they will vote to remain (7% undecided).

When asked how likely they would be to vote in an EU Referendum if it were held tomorrow; more than four fifths (80%) of those aged 65+ said they would definitely vote, whereas just 47% of 18-24s said the same. Those aged 18-24 are almost twice as likely to say they definitely won’t vote (13%) than those aged 65+ (7%).

Those who say that they trust the government are significantly more likely to vote to remain, with 60% in favour of staying and just 36% wanting to leave (4% undecided). Whereas, for those who say that they distrust government the opposite is true, just 38% in favour of staying, and 51% opting to leave (11% undecided).


More details and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

Fieldwork dates and methodology can be found here.

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