BMG was commissioned by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) to advise on the ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measure: Tenant Survey Requirements’ – published for consultation today (here), as part of the TSM consultation package.

The ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measure: Tenant Survey Requirements’ have been developed following the Social Housing White Paper (‘Charter for social housing residents’) which states that government will work with RSH to create a strong, proactive consumer regulatory regime. As part of this regime, the regulator has been asked to develop a process for collecting and publishing a core set of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) for all social landlords following the themes set out in the White Paper in order to: 

  • Provide tenants with greater transparency about their landlord’s performance
  • Inform the regulator about how the landlord is complying with the consumer standards

Advice provided by our leading industry experts Roger Sant and Jack Harper included reviewing the detail of the draft survey methodology and question wording, and commenting on the extent to which requirements (a) reflect good practice in perception survey design and approach and (b) strike an appropriate balance between the regulator’s objectives for designing technical requirements that generate clear, comparable and accurate data that meet the aims for TSMs set out in the White Paper, and ensuring that the burdens placed on providers are proportionate and minimise interference.

Jack Harper, Research Director, says;

“The Social Housing White Paper is the most important change to Social Housing in England for nearly a decade.

 I have dedicated my career to helping social landlords understand the views of their residents. This has included hundreds of tenant perception surveys using an array of methodologies across England with landlords of varying sizes, from national providers such as Riverside or L&Q to small community-based landlords such as Steve Biko Housing Association in Liverpool.

I am immensely proud to have been involved in advising the Regulator of Social Housing on the Tenant Survey Requirements, setting out what social landlords are required to do to conduct tenant perception surveys to generate a number of the transparent tenant satisfaction measures and help social housing tenants to understand how their landlord is performing.”

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