Thank you very much for indicating your interest in discussing your views and opinions on your experiences of the Army.

If you do take part in a telephone conversation lasting up to 45 minutes we will send you £30.

However, we must point out that it may not be possible for us to have detailed conversations with everyone who agrees to take part, depending on the numbers involved.

What we would like to talk to you about:

  • Why you decided to sign up?
  • Your expectations of AFCH?
  • Your experiences of AFCH?
  • What you have been doing since you left?
  • Anything else you feel is important.

What will be done with the information?

While we will report the findings to senior Army staff, including direct quotes to illustrate key points, anything you tell us will be entirely confidential, and we will ensure that no individual is identifiable in our reporting.

The findings will help the Army to consider ways in which they might improve the experiences of young people joining the Army.

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Other questions are optional, but will help us to ensure that we talk to a wide range of different types of people.


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