Here at BMG Research we have a team dedicated to research in the Housing sector. We have years of experience in developing research programmes and surveys that fully engage tenants and other stakeholders and really get underneath the key issues

How can we support you?

Our dedicated team of housing researchers have a wealth of knowledge, based on decades of experience, in supporting our clients in the Social Housing Sector with the following:

[accordion-item title=” + Customer satisfaction surveys“]

We are one of the main suppliers nationally of satisfaction surveys compliant with STAR or SSHC guidance. We have the ability to gather data using a face to face, online, postal, or telephone method of data collection.


[accordion-item title=” + Insight toolkits“]

We use the latest statistical techniques to provide our clients with greater customer insight, including: key drivers analysis, segmentation analysis, customer journey mapping, satisfaction indices, net promoter scores and customer engagement clusters.


[accordion-item title=” + Transactional surveys“]

We carry out numerous transactional surveys covering a host of different service areas (e.g. repairs, gas servicing, estate services, tenancy lettings, ASB, complaints) using a telephone, online or text/sms methods of data collection.


[accordion-item title=” + Online reporting dashboards“]

Using our online portal we provide our clients with instant access to results in a user-friendly manner tailored to suit their needs.



[accordion-item title=” + Tenant friendly infographics“]

Using our infographic software we have the ability to produce attractive, user-friendly infographic which help with the dissemination of often overly complicated data and statistics.





[accordion-item title=” + Staff & resident action planning workshops“]

We offer workshops with a range of participants from senior management to front line staff and residents designed to examine the key issues arising from the research and assist in developing an action plan for improvements.




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Our client base in this sector is truly national, and we work with the largest to the smallest of social housing providers. We have delivered more than 100 surveys in the social housing sector over the past two years. Some of our recent clients include: