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Thank you for your ongoing participation in this groundbreaking energy study which is enabling us to gather an important picture of how energy is used in homes in the Solent region. 

As you are aware, your household has been randomly selected to take part in this energy research project.

The UK Government has been doing a lot of work in recent years to better understand household energy use. As part of this, researchers at the University of Southampton, BMG Research and a number of other partners are conducting one of the biggest studies of household energy use in the country.

Our study asks people questions about the kinds of appliances they have and how they use them as well as collecting information on how much electricity they use.

By taking part, you can help us paint a unique and extremely important picture of how energy is used in homes in the Solent region. This will enable us to understand how electricity use could be reduced at particular times of day when the network can get overloaded.

In turn this knowledge will help to substantially reduce the disruption caused by cable replacement work and increase the electricity network’s ability to supply ‘green’ energy. It will also offer the potential to reduce household energy bills and carbon emissions.

The households invited to participate have been randomly selected to ensure that the study represents all types of people across the region.

This means it’s especially important to us that you take part.

The project team has been analysing the data collected so far and we have identified that a newer, more efficient and more reliable household energy monitor would give us far greater information on energy use. The new device will fit in exactly the same location as the current equipment installed in your property and is very simple to install, taking around 15 minutes.

As a thank you for your ongoing involvement and as a token of our appreciation we have sent you a £5 high street voucher which is in addition to the vouchers already allocated to you by the project.

If you are able to install this equipment yourself please follow the installation steps which will be included in the new equipment pack we send to you. There will also be support details should you need help or advice to install the equipment.

If you think you will need help to install the new equipment please let us know using the following contact details, and we will contact you once the equipment has been delivered to arrange a visit by a member of our team:

  • By telephone on: 0800 358 0337 (office hours)
  • Or by email on: energy@bmgresearch.co.uk.

Also included in the equipment pack will be a pre-paid envelope for you to return the original equipment so that we can ensure it is recycled.

We would also like to extend the project by a further year so we can take full advantage of the improved information we will be collecting. This won’t need any additional effort from yourselves but we will give you another £5 voucher in the final year.

The next instalment of the allocated vouchers will be distributed in early 2017 following the new equipment roll-out and the winter energy survey.

While your participation is completely voluntary we really hope you will be able to continue to take part.