We have more than 20 years experience in helping clients understand their customers' experiences of their products and services and how this impacts on their reputation in their market place.

Our research helps our clients to:

  • understand what drives and develops a strong and competitive position in their market place
  • provide evidence for effective decision making
  • understand and manage customer expectations, experiences and relationships
  • understand customer needs and values to deliver a competitive advantage

First of all we listen. We seek to understand our clients’ market, their customers and their competitors so that the advice and support we give is grounded in reality.

We focus on the complex interfaces between people (customers, potential customers, stakeholders and employees), the organisation, and the brand. BMG is working effectively with both the public, private and the ‘not for profit’ sector to provide customer insights that help provide clarity on customer, stakeholder and employee opinion with regards to: customer satisfaction, customer service standards, advocacy, reputation, brand and image.

Big enough to deliver and small enough to care, our approach is tailored and bespoke to your specific needs and requirements.

BMG Research offers a range of services such as:-

  • Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Measuring employee engagement
  • Measuring reputation, brand and organisational image
  • Developing customer segmentation strategies
  • Conducting stakeholder engagement exercises
  • Conducting mystery shopping exercises
  • Providing clear insights to inform both strategic and operational planning through action planning workshops – our research is only as good as the use it is put to, so we will work through the action planning stage to ensure future plans are fully informed by the insight we have gathered.